me, myself & andrei

19 Aug 2008
Which ISP?

If you live in a private house, then you probably should go for Bredbands Bolaget.

And if you live in SSSB dorms, you don’t need to choose, since you most probably have Tele2 as your ISP by default. But in SB dorms, you can choose.

But how do you choose?

I’ve built an ISP comparison spreadsheet, just to compare them all, and talked with some Swedish friends. The conclusion heads to Blixtvik or Tele2. Basically, Tele2 doesn’t say anything about a Public IP and it requires 3 months of notice before the end of contract, while Blixtvik has 2 public IP addresses (perfect for a shared room) and it has only a month as notice.

Why not the others? Because of the price (Telia), because of the notice period, or because of the “no-name brand” (maybe it’s just me who has horse-glasses).

Two things that I don’t understand though:

  • My shared room has only one datasocket, so how are we going to have 2 public IP addresses?
  • Why do we need to have a personnummer in order to have an Internet connection in the room? Why isn’t their a big pipe coming to each dormitory building, that splits that to the tenants?! It would be so so much cheaper!