me, myself & andrei

24 Aug 2008
Personnummer & ID kort

On Monday morning (August 18th), Trevor and I were applying for a personnummer at Skatteverket.

On Thursday (August 21st), Trevor and I both received the personnummer. Of course, he was the only one to receive the letter as well, since I had problems with getting a mailbox (side talk).

But things are still good, since the letter you get (still a personbevis) is worth nothing. After you receive that, you must go to Skatteverket, or onto their website and request a specific personbevis for each thing that you need - bank account, ID card, etc.

I wonder how much it will take for those applying after the 25th.

Regarding the ID card (kort) and why it is so important.. well.. these days after shopping at a home appliances place… guess what! I was asked to show my ID card. Then at ONOFF as well. And with Romanian ID cards, and having the birthdate part of the social security number, and not individually specified there.. quite tricky!

Other than that.. I won’t need to show my ID card at Systembolaget, but around many other places as well. Basically every card with my name on it, but not my photo on it, needs to be backed up by an ID card that has a photo, or even my birthdate.

For instance, when getting discounts with the student union card… you will need to show an ID card as well.

Thus, if you stay for 2 years in Sweden, it’s really better to get an ID card.

Or, you can always try your luck with your national ID card or your passport every time you buy booze ;) …

So far I think, and hope, that Handelsbanken gives you an ID card on the spot, if you can bring a person with a Swedish ID. Nordea, SEB and Swedbank only after 6 months or so of you being a customer. In the next few days, I will apply at Handelsbanken and see how this turns out.