me, myself & andrei

26 Aug 2008

or Digital Video Broadcasting - Terrestrial.

Since a few years now, most of the TV broadcast is done digitally in Sweden.

So if you plan to get some Swedish channels into your life.. Go on with buying a TV tuner and an indoor antenna. You may be fine without the antenna, if you live in an area that is in an open field and close to the city.

After fiddling so much with the TV tuner’s antenna, I had to buy the indoor antenna. I already looked enough as a fool doing some sort of pantomime on the window ,)

You should be able to get SVT1, SVT2, SVT24, Barn/Kunskapsk., TV6, TV7, TV Finland, The Voice (music), Axess (classic music, documentaries, and good movies), some local ones (in Stockholm: TV4 Stockholm and Lokal Kanal) and others.

With my setup and location I cannot get The Voice and TV7. But I say that the most important are the SVTs and TV6, for the series and Discovery Travel&Living-like programmes.

I’d say that getting Comhem’s small TV package - 39kr/mån - or bigger is something you can do without. As you may notice, many Swedes will tell you that television is crap, and their are quite right about it.

Yet, as a foreigner, I think it’s something you need to have for your Swedish informal courses..

PS: if you buy a TV set, then you will need to pay the Swedish TV broadcasting fee!