me, myself & andrei

26 Aug 2008

Now what the hell is that?

Well, nothing other than the garbage dump - the Swedish version.

In plain translation, miljöstation = environment station.

You need to separate your garbage before into metal, plastic, glass, (here comes the best part) newspapers/books/documents, packs/boxes, and miscellaneous. There are some outer dumps (wide pipe-like) but I have no idea what that is.

Of course, the cans and bottles need to be taken to COOP/ICA/etc. for recycling and a small refund.

So far I don’t know exactly what I should use the two small trash bins under the sink for. I’d use one for compost, but there’s no special place for it at the garbage dump. So I figure I should go with food packs (milk, orange juice, etc) and miscellaneous.

But one thing that I don’t understand is how are you supposed to know about miljöstation as a foreigner?

I knew that there is supposed to be something similar around my dorms because of my 7 years in and out of Sweden.. what I didn’t imagine is that the miljöstation is a place right in front of my window, that almost nobody ever visits.

Instead, some people.. probably on the other side of the building, who never saw and deducted what the building in the back is, are throwing their garbage in the small public bin at the dorms’ entrance. This time I take the side of “the herd”.

Note to self: more improvement, less criticizing - need to put an entrance note!