me, myself & andrei

28 Aug 2008
Access Card

It took almost 4 hours for Aron and me to get the KTH Access Card and a account.

I guess almost all the new international Master students studying in Kista came today.

Oh joy!

I don’t get this type of organizing things. It that’s what somebody calls “organized”. It was bad for all of us waiting in that queue, it was bad for those 2 clerks at the Helpdesk.. We wondered how the hell are they still smiling?

Why weren’t we (the new students) divided into smaller groups.. say.. by first letter of the name, by month of the birthdate, by programme, by country ?! And then be told “Look, if you come on Monday, from 12 to 15, you can get your card and account. Otherwise you will need to wait until Thursday, when we’ll sort out all the other programmes, and check the opening hours for the days to come.”

I guess that would have taken money and time. It’s hard to have 5 minutes to sort out these future events. It doesn’t matter that they are cyclical.

Who cares that it’s like this every end of August, with all the new students?