me, myself & andrei

28 Aug 2008



Today, I figured out once and for all my “issues” with Posten (Swedish Post Office).

So… things is like this.

  1. You get to Sweden, you put your nametag on your mailbox.
  2. The mailman comes one day and notices the new nametag.
  3. Posten then registers you in their “system”.
  4. Only afterwards, mail sent to you will actually reach you.

I guess it sounds logical to some. Not to me though. We all have an address, right? Street, street number, apartment, zip code, city, country. Then why get do we need the post office to identify our mail by the name?

Anyway, so all my previous mail got returned. But now it’s all fixed. Another nice man at the local post office told me that I’m “registered” since yesterday.

General solution: call Posten and ask them to give you the phone number to your local post office. You then talk to them and they will tell  you if they have you in the “system”, ready to receive mail, or not.