me, myself & andrei

28 Aug 2008
Swedish female clerks

On Wednesday, I’ve called Posten to check up on my mail. I’m still not receiving any, although I should have received some Skatteverket papers.

I called.. and after the 2 minutes announced queue, and after the real 5 minutes queue.. yuuuuhhuuuuu!!

This Swedish girl, speaking extremely fluent English with no pauses, nor misusage or mispronunciation.. “assisted” me :) I previously had quite a disappointing day, but after that call.. She just made my day, I tell you!

It was one of those moments when.. you just want to send flowers/hugs/kisses over the freakin’ phone line!

And this is the second one. The first one was an HP call assistant.

The question is.. how do I get their name and number? :P