me, myself & andrei

29 Aug 2008

  • Side-motto: should we or should we not pay attention to the course? I’m writing this during my first course… not good! :P Don’t do like me!

Simple steps:

  1. Connect to KTHOPEN
  2. Log on to your account, as instructed
  3. Go to and create your WiFi password
  4. Wait 5 minutes!
  5. Connect to eduroam
  6. Use as username and your WiFi password, no domain
  7. Save your connection, in order to automatically connect to it, when it’s available.
  8. Et voilá!

You can also try connecting to KTHOPEN-WPA, by reading a Swedish PDF, but it didn’t work for me.

These steps are for Windows systems, but I think this step-by-step advice goes more or less the same for all systems. Read here if not.