me, myself & andrei

31 Aug 2008
KTH E-mail

KTH has just switched to Microsoft Exchange for its E-mail solution.

And at the Helpdesk so far they didn’t know if it’s possible to use a desktop client, or to forward your messages.

Half of that it’s possible, and the information is actually online. Regarding forwarding your E-mail that’s not yet possible. I’d actually like to have my messages forwarded to my Gmail account and labeled accordingly, but so far there’s no forwarding solution and Gmail only imports from POP3 servers, while only gives access through IMAP.

If you’re more or less in the same situation, any quick ideas? (Please don’t start with install/setup this (web) app that simulates this and that..)

Until there’s a solution, I’ve set up my with Live Mail.

Regarding the webmail solution, when you go to make sure you click the link at the bottom of the notification-of-changes page. will redirect to the old solution which actually doesn’t catch your new messages. So make sure you are using the Microsoft Exchange solution.

POP3 is actually available, but must be ordered as you can read here.