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31 Aug 2008
KTH Webhost

It’s common that universities give you also some web-space along with your E-mail address. Why? To host your projects, presentations, individual research/projects, etc.

You can publish both in private and public mode. Basically you get a UNIX shell account.

The basic information, as it was with my situation, is as follows:

  • Web
    • Address:
    • No mod_rewrite available for .htaccess
      • This is how my .htaccess looks like right now:
        DirectoryIndex index.htm<br /> Redirect 301 /~neculau/index.htm
    • You should be able to get a MySQL database, but the link doesn’t work
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  • Shell (use PuTTY, WinSCP, etc.)
    • Server:
    • Web folder: public_html
    • Backup folder: .OldFiles
    • Other folders: Public, Private
    • Quota: 50MB
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