me, myself & andrei

31 Aug 2008

There’s one thing I totally don’t understand..

  • I shop around at ICA/COOP/etc
  • I get all my things checked-out (of course, while just looking at the sky, since the Swedish etiquette says you’re not supposed to hurry and start putting your shit in your bags, while they are still checked-out)
  • I then pay with my card and enter my PIN
  • I then want to go put my stuff in the bags
  • As soon as I move towards that, I get the “Hmm Hmm.. Kvitto?”

Wtf? Of course I want it.

Or.. let me rephrase! Of course, you are supposed to give it to me!

Like, what the hell do they need it for? So that they don’t give the receipt to their customers, since it’s already printed automatically. It’s not like you get asked if you want it or not before they print it, so that.. uhuu.. Sweden is so environmental-friendly and all..