me, myself & andrei

02 Sep 2008
New start

So, yeah.. after clearing my head, and after moving all my previous posts to a new series called Induction at KTH Kista, I’m now trying to get a bit more perspective on the academic life.

This module (half of one regular semester) I’m doing has two courses for my programme - Processed for IT production + Enterprise computing and ERP systems. First one with Mira, a Finnish lady who traveled the world and seems very much open-minded and down to Earth, and the second one with Paul, a person that goes well under the “the IT researcher” category.

Both courses seem quite interesting so far, and they made me feel comfortable, which was really nice in order to balance things.

So far, this is my first full day at the Kista library… In comparison to the WSHE library in Łodż.. well, there’s just no comparison. Ok, ok.. there’s a bigger library in Valhallvägen (the main KTH campus), but since here there’s KTH and SU.. shouldn’t this be at least the same size? Should this be an inviting environment where you just stay for the fun of being here, and discover geekish stuff over a sip of coffee?

Let’s call it a day :) I’m off to a small coffee/chocolate among new friends! Tschüss!