me, myself & andrei

05 Sep 2008
Gender equality - my ass!

*Sorry for the PG rated title

On Wednesday I went with Gaya to pick up her keys for the dorms. It was obvious that she would get the wrong keys - either to the room, either to the mailbox.


After checking the digits on the key and the shape..She got the wrong mailbox key. I went back to the desk and said “Hej! I’m the one with the wrong mailbox key.. The two of us share the same room, and now her mailbox is definitely the wrong one. So.. either keep the key, or try to find the right one!” and then I left ‘cause I was also on the phone.

As soon as I left, the KTH Library girl asks Gaya “So… you two live together?! And you’re ok with that?”

… After two induction seminars highlighting and stressing the gender equality in Sweden..

Needless to say the same thing happened when the programme coordinator found out.