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05 Sep 2008
KTH + DSV + FC Email

Ok.. things tend to get messy at DSV/ICT/IT University/KTH+SU/or whatever else you want to call it.

:shock: So I got one , one, one email account.

This is my setup currently. Follow, if you think it’s in your interest.

  • FirstClass can be setup to redirect your messages - just go to preferences
    My setup: forward to
  • DSV is POP3 enabled, therefore you can setup your Gmail to import messages
    My setup: Gmail imports through POP3 from DSV
  • KTH doesn’t have POP3 enabled, nor forwarding at the moment, but you can email them and ask for forwarding
    My setup: KTH forwards to Gmail
  • Gmail: everything from , and gets labeled with

Interesting conversation with the IT people follows:

Me ->

I read online that if I require POP3 access to my e-mail account, I need to request it.
Is there some specific place where I need to do that, or will this e-mail do?

Name:Andrei Neculau

Tack så mycket,



Why do you want to use pop3?
When you download your emails you are responsible for the backup and everything.
So why not keep using IMAP so the emails are on the server and you don’t have to worry about backup and your harddrive getting full.

If you are getting low on space on it then we can make it larger.

Let me know if you still want pop3.

Me ->

The main reason is that I’d like to have my emails imported into 2 email addresses.

I see that now forwarding is not yet available, due to the mailing system upgrade. But even when that will be available, I will probably need to stick to one forwarding address.
Of course there are ways to work around that situation, but since my 2 email accounts are on the Gmail platform, and that platform only allows import from POP3 accounts, it would be easier like that.

I don’t understand why you make it sound like it’s either IMAP, either POP3. Since we are talking about different protocols, it should still be the same mail server, I should still be able to keep copies of the emails in the Inbox folder.. and so on.

Am I wrong in my logic?


hello Andrei,

POP3 protocol is disabled on the new mailserver because of security
issues, certainly for users that leave their account information
to the third parts (hotmail,  g-mail, …)

KTH.SE account is personal and SHALL NOT be given to other people or

So, you can use IMAP protocol, otherwise we can fix the forward of your
e-mails to another address if you want.

Me ->

Ok then, just please forward then my mail to
I’ll manage my situation from that point onwards.

Tack! Ha det bra!