me, myself & andrei

05 Sep 2008
Uppsala - the wonderland

For years, I’ve been in Uppsala, a week then, a week now.. It all looked nice and felt good.

Now, I’m a Stockholm resident, and you’ve seen what this place was like for the very first two weeks. It’s almost the same amount of Romanian shit, but in a different shape.

But on Wednesday I was back in Uppsala… oh boy! :) When you have nothing to compare with, you just tell yourself “This is it! It’s not like there’s something better..” and you just take it as it is. And it was almost like that until Wednesday. Let me phrase all this so that everyone understands.

2001-2008, I was in Uppsala, Sweden twice or three times a year for one or two weeks. Uppsala has its special and unique things, but you tend to project all the good things over the whole nation.. over Sweden!

But this autumn I was in for a big suprise - Stockholm is definitely not Uppsala! Maybe I should have read the clear signs the National Admissions Office (VHS) and KTH were giving to me.. but no! I just had to be the crazy optimist. So I came to Stockholm on August 15th.

And I started to think that the good overview I had over Uppsala was msot definitely connected to the nice people I knew there, and that I didn’t need to face any crude reality whatsoever. So.. I got mad, I went mad.. and tried to fix the shit in Stockholm.

And then I had to fix my ID card and go to a board meeting in Uppsala.


I hit the wall big time! Everything went so smooth! So friendly, so at peace.. So not Stockholm! I was at “home” and I’ve been missing that. Lots!

If only Uppsala University would have my EMIS courses.. I realize now more than ever that this is what kept me away from UU. Only one, yet important thing.