me, myself & andrei

08 Sep 2008
By request

Motto: It can only get better :) !

I got some hard reviews that the blog is sado-masoquist or crazily depressive, and I promised to changed that. At least in one of the entries.

Maybe I should have used another motto, by paraphrasing Rux - Writing shitty posts only when I can’t have a “beer” with my friends :) Though funny, it’s quite true. Some posts I consider very very useful and I try to have the constructive criticism included as well, but some (most?!) are just about criticism and astonishment.

All in all, I don’t find the purpose of going out, having fun, and writing “Wow.. tonight was so great!” :) Why? I’m just not that type of a person, and this blog is not that type of a blog. Of course, if I criticize something, I do try to bring the positive parts in the spotlight, whenever that happens. But that’s at an impersonal level.

Anyway, after so many explanations, the bottom-line is that I had fun in Stockholm as well, and that Stockholm is not hell on Earth.

Neu, neu, neu! (=no)

I mean.. you can bake in Stockholm (not me! :P ), you can have all sorts of Belgium and Czech beer in Stockholm, you meet all sorts of girls just by keeping the door open for them (even though they actually had lots of shopping done, and you could as well try to help them carry the bags.. but that’s not needed :D ), or.. you can wait for Slackathon, or the Stockholm Film Festival (which awarded 4-3-2 as the best film of the 2007 festival), and you’re close to Turku, Helsinki, Riga, etc,etc and you have cheap flights to Poland.. and you have nice cold-food in shops.. and you have Kanelbullar :) and lots of fika (or coffee breaks)..

The list can go on :) trust me!

Look.. let’s do like this! It’ll be a nice training/challenge for me as well. Every month, I’ll find the time to have a positive post! ;) Vi ses!