me, myself & andrei

09 Sep 2008
SL+SJ = love

Enough with positive thoughts :) Check out how my morning looked like.

  1. 7:30 alarm
  2. Breakfast
  3. 8:20 out the door
  4. 8:34 subway on time in Kista, in order to arrive at 8:51 at T-Centralen
  5. 9:00 arrived at T-Centralen (after SL decided to have the train wait in stations)
  6. 9:11 saw the Stockholm-Uppsala train leave right in before my eyes, after not finding the right exit to the surface

And the second part..

  1. 9:12 got a queue-number at the SJ-center in order to get a refund for a previously missed train (after buying the ticket)
  2. 9:25 left the SJ-center, when having still 4 people in front of me, after only other 4 got their issues resolved
  3. 9:26 got a ticket for the 9:30 train to Uppsala
  4. 9:33 train arrives on the platform
  5. 9:40 train leaves to Uppsala

At this very second… the train stopped once again. Even though WE ARE ALREADY M*F* LATE!

10:07 Beräknas 10:47
Tåg nr 222 till Gävle
Problem i strömförsörjningen

11:19 at the Uppsala office