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15 Sep 2008
Tele2 starts to be 2Penny

If you cannot SMS your foreign friends from your Tele2 number.. just read the following.


Hej och välkommen till Tele2! Du pratar med Ida Jnsson. Vad kan jag hjälpa till med?
16:30 Hej. I have a Snackis subscription, but when trying to SMS a non-Swedish number, my message doesn't reach the recipient.
16:30 I can call to that foreign number though. Is there something wrong, or is it that I need to activate something?
16:32 Whats you name?
16:32 The subscription is on the name of -
16:34 Which country does the number belong to?
16:34 Romania
16:35 0040xxxxxxxxx - this was the number I tried to SMS
16:35 Calling that number worked, though
16:36 I´m afraid we doesn´t have a SMS-agreement with Romania, thats why your SMS dosen´t reach the recipient.
16:37 Does that mean that I am not able to SMS any Romanian number?
16:38 It might work, but we can´t give you any guarantees
16:40 I personally find that extremely strange. So I can call that number, but I cannot SMS them?
16:41 So there's absolutely nothing I can do? It's just that Tele2 doesn't have an agreement with Orange, or with all Romanian operators?
16:42 Sorry, there is nothing you can do. Hopefully a SMS-agreement will come soon, I cant promise you that though.
16:44 Interesting, confusing and at the same time disappointing. Thanks for the information, though. Have a nice day!

Interesting enough, if you go to Orange Romania (the operator that holds the recipient’s number).. It says that Tele2, Telenor and Telia are its partners.

Either way.. SMS-agreement? What the hell? SMSing is just a short phone-call.

Don’t tell me that every small operator needs to sign agreements with all the other operators inside and outside the country of residence..