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20 Sep 2008
Collaboration Tool

I’m having a group-project assignment at KTH (Enterprise and ERP Systems, with Paul Johannesson), and even though we handled the communication quite ok, using Gmail’s conversation-grouping feature is not good enough for me.

It’s hard to keep track of file changes, of ideas, etc… etc… etc..

Yesterday I’ve been trying to find the right collaboration tool, but the perfect one was in the Backcamp - Campfire suite, which is not free. Thus, not right for students I’d say.

I’ve found some other tools, but I’d like to have some straight input from you (whoever you are, “blog reader”).

The features that I’m mostly looking for are: task assignment, calendar, file tracking, and.. would be nice to have a chat feature with logging as well.

What do you use/have used/heard about in terms of web/desktop collaboration tools?

PS: as a side-reading, maybe you want to check out why people in general do NOT use collaboration tools :) but also why people should use them