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23 Sep 2008
HP news

I think I should entitle this HP’s invent - killed AGAIN!

In the past months, the wired card stopped working, the DVD writer is stupid.. and also my battery is charging half way only.

For those that don’t know my dv6054ea got repaired one time last year in August whilst in Sweden, and another time this February in Poland. Both times, the motherboard was replaced altogether + others.

Yesterday I called in.. mainly to see what are my chances to get a replacement.

Why was I not surprised to bump into a guy that was following a stupid protocol, instead of thinking on his own? I was asked to go through the troubleshooting session with him, although I explained the situation from the beginning - I want to make a complaint of some sort.

Anyway.. when I told him that my LAN card is down.. and that I have a cable with me that works, and that the network itself works.. what does he tell me? That I should buy a second cable and try again! *No comment*

A short excerpt of the conversation would look like:

me: Look! I’m a CISCO certified person. I tell you: it’s physical! I need a new LAN card!
him: .. but maybe you should try with a second cable!
me: I don’t have one right now, and the same cable worked on the same network days ago, just that it was another computer!
him: I need to be sure..
balblbabllblalblalbalbalbl….[minutes later after lots of silent moments of me hoping that some sense would come to him]
me: Ok. Forget about the troubleshooting. I’m just losing time and money with this call. Tell me how I can make a complaint!
him: So.. you don’t want to go forward with the troubleshooting session?
me: I would like to go on, but I don’t see any chance of doing that.
him: You could try your LAN card with another cable..
me: I just told you I don’t have one, and I’m not buying a second one.
him: Ok.. so you don’t want to continue, right?
me: YES! I DO NOT WANT TO CONTINUE! I WANT TO MAKE A COMPLAINT! HOW DO I DO THAT? Is there another number to call, an email address to write to?
him: No, I will report that you want to make a complaint.. and then I will have a colleague from the complaint department call you within 8 hours.
me: Ok.
him: …….
me: I’d assume you want a phone number, right?
him: Yes!
me: 073…. Anything else?
him: No.
me: Ok.. then thank you for your “help”. Bye!
him: B—

Why is it so hard to have a 2 minute interview with the customer to ask about their computer knowledge? So that you don’t treat the geeks like shit, nor to patronize the rookies!

Several hours later, I was called and I was told that my situation will reach a different level in their protocol along with my fourth repair, and they can take a replacement into consideration only then. That’s not the point - I was actually very calm and friendly and even happy! But only after this call!


Because this friendly lady explained to me everything, and she understood my situation as well, and she helped me put all the relevant information in a complaint, in a threaded way, so that things will be much clearer the next time something bad happens, etc, etc.

I swear I ended the call with “It was very lovely to talk to you! Thank you very much!”