me, myself & andrei

07 Oct 2008
My love to Twitter-ers

I understand why nobrainers use Twitter to say
- I’ve just woke up
- I’m brushing my bad breath away
- Wow! No cereals?
- Hmm.. I forgot to pee.
- Uhhhhhhh… What a relief!
- Taking a shower..
- Watching …
- Drinking …

What is the added-value of that anyway? Not to mention that it takes time and some energy to put up your status.

Plus.. just to be objective about things: who the f**k really cares about and gains anything from knowing about your tiny actions? Put it into context: there are 6.5 billions people out there, and you want to put more emphasis on your basic daily things than say.. social-environmental-cultural-economic stuff that affects hundreds (tens at least) to some thousands or millions?

It’s one thing to write an article about a visit to X, about a crappy service of Y, about project Z, but a line about some action or event? The article may be used as reference some time, but the status?

you = any twitter-er out there

Triggering article here.