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13 Nov 2008
Twitter, Plurk, Facebook, RSS, Lifestream

It’s been a long time since the last post, and even if I have other things to tell, it feels normal to let you know about my latest post and related blog changes.

I’m still against the concept of Twittering.. nothing changed. I still find it quite useless, with one exception.

After having a talk, I was told “Don’t fight them, just join them”. The exception that I found useful is: Twitter, and other mini-blogging platforms (by the way, this is a disgrace to the concept of blogging) can simply act as RSS feeds.

I don’t have some feed analytics for this blog, but I surely don’t think that I have many RSS followers. Are you?

So.. instead of RSS, why not the “highly-prestigious” (if it’s not clear, I’m being sarcastic; thanks, Aron!) Twitter? Whenever I blog, my status changes on Twitter, Plurk and Facebook, so all “followers” are being notified of a new post.

That’s about Twitter. Plurk is simply Twitter with a twist. Plurk shows a timeline. Between the two (actually between Plurk and Twitter, Jaiku, Jaiku, Pownce, etc) I’m a Plurk “fan” (sarcastic again!!!). I have joined Plurk as well, simply because I can see a vision there. When they will upgrade the use of cliques and add new features, Plurk could very well be a nice project management tool.

Something more?

Oh, yes. The Lifestream, which is still a under construction, is more-or-less a treat for my “obsessive followers” :) Not that I have any ;) There’s also a FriendFeed, if you’re using their service.

PS: while I’m trying to find a tool to track my Twitter and Plurk direct messages/comments, don’t expect a reply ;)