me, myself & andrei

21 Nov 2008
Black November 20 is back..

Why down?

Midnight Commander

What do we have here?!

In short:

  • a normal PHP-CGI process on Dreamhost’s servers takes around 10 MB of memory
  • PHP-CGI WordPress process.. up to 30 MB 8O
  • ZenPhoto 10 MB
  • Habari 10 MB. I’ll be darn if people won’t start moving to it if WordPress doesn’t fix its shit
    • WP loads so much stuff into $GLOBALS.. :x Give me a break!
    • I wish WP would start to reform its code, and then have a programme like Facebook’s
    • Habari is Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!! Neat, simple, mannered with good standards..
  • For the first time Dreamhost support was more than 24h late to reply to my support ticket
  • I wasted my time with this, I had a nice mojo breakdown and ate sandwiches all day..
  • I went back to the shell and Midnight Commander
  • I had some quick UNIX bash lessons
  • I ended up installing OpenGoo (tipped by the Rux)
  • I now have to apologize to Aron
  • Yes, I got the Gmail Themes also, one day behind the official roll-out, and I have the coolest theme ever: classic!