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25 Dec 2008
Christmas Letter 2008

Dear friends,

This year has definitely been a full year. After 7 years of day-dreaming, I started to push forward to my move to Sweden. Last Christmas, it was all about looking for the right master programme. Searching and researching. And then dealing with the never ending issues of the admission process. Already in March 18th, I got a special admission to Uppsala University at two Computer Science programmes. Hurey! :)

By the end of the admission round, I was admitted at my first choice as well - a master programme at The Royal Institute of Technology (Stockholm) in the field of IT Management. It was damn hard to make a decision - Uppsala has a special place in my heart, and I’m really not a capital kind of guy - but the final say was given to the field. IT Management won over Computer Science.

In the meantime, my life was sprinkled with thoughts (stress?!) about my final courses and my bachelor degree at the Romanian-American University, Bucharest. It was quite overwhelming, and I even managed to get myself with an unknown heart condition. Luckily, it all ended well - I graduated 12th in my year and I managed to push back my heart condition with the help of chemistry and some chillin’ :)

Socially speaking, it was nice and full once again. Just before last Xmas, I’ve been to Lappland - not much too see, but there were some nice chill friends up there ;). In spring I’ve been spending lovely and chill moments in the surroundings of Cracow for a couple of weeks, with some Romanian wine now and then, and with a first-time experience of a sauna :)

I’m not going to easily forget my moments spent in Bucharest either while I was nagging a handful of girls by crashing over each week :) That was a first-time experience in itself, and I’m not speaking of seeing them fight (for me!? :P ), nor am I talking about eating out so often :) It was a very close-to-heart experience because I’ve always wanted to live among lively people - maybe a consequence of being the only child. Thank you for that!

But wait! Why was I crashing over? I forgot to tell you that I was commuting between Galaţi (my hometown) and Bucharest (my university; 250km away) each week. “What a pity!” you say? I’m sorry, but I have no regrets about it - those hours spent on the train gave me lots of peace of mind and energy just by reading books, thinking of my present and future life.
I missed a second trip to Petra, Jordan this summer, but at least I’ve been spending some international time at the hippie Romanian seaside of Vama Veche :) Ditched a very open-minded girl there *sigh*. Not nice, I know. Promise to handle it better next time.

When summer ended, it was high time to leave for Sweden and take care of the practicalities. I won’t debrief you on that :) I’ll just say that I managed to do it all (in the end). I started courses at KTH, and then I started to have some “issues” with their approach, but now it’s handled with a “let them have it your way, and you have it yours” approach. I’ve been thinking of transfering to Uppsala for a different educational and social experience, but the programme’s field is still keeping me still. Otherwise, life here is normal. I do not feel the stress or distress that I have had back home. Wine-wise I do have some issues - Romanian quality wine is nowhere to be found :) - but I’m “treating” myself with Australian and Argentinian wine for the time being. Cousine-wise I’m slightly surprised by some undiscovered skills :) And I’ve met a couple of genuine people here, but there’s space for more.

Dear friends, that’s all for now. I’m not giving away my next year plans and resolutions :) I’ll tell you about those next year.

For now, let me wish you a Merry Christmas!
This year it’s a lonely Christmas for me, but it’s just a simple way of thinking to more of you instead of spending time with a few of you! I hope to spend that time throughout next year! ;)

Have a good 2009, people! Smile through the bad times, keep yourself warm through the lonely times, stick to your true self and CARE!
And remember this: The greatest gift is the gift of life. And the greatest sin is to return it unopened! Happy unwrapping! :)

With an open heart,

PS: Inspired by Per. God Jul! ;)