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03 Jan 2009
My Pidgin Setup


*”’[[wikipedia:Skype|Skype]]”’ Protocol plugin, thanks to “Eion Robb”
**[ Download]
**doesn't have Call and Send SMS options yet
*”’[[wikipedia:Facebook|Facebook]] Chat”’ “Protocol” plugin, thanks to “Eion Robb”
**[ Download]
**it's a very basic/experimental thing so far, but it's still super-duper
*”’[[wikipedia:Tlen|Tlen]]”’ Protocol plugin, thanks to “Aleksander Piotrowski”
**[ Download]
*“‘Bot Sentry”’ Anti-Spam/CAPTCHA plugin, thanks to “David Everly”
**[ Download]
**you can set up a question, basic (just for spams) or tricky (also for “morons”), and a correct answer; when a person not on your contact list sends you a message, they receive the question and after they answer correctly, they are put on a white list, you then see the conversation window and start chatting
*“‘Guifications”’ Notification plugin, thanks to “Guifications team”
**[ Download], [ Mirror]
**it shows “parts and joins” (among others) on your screen
**sometimes it’s distracting me, so I have it set up to show only joins
*“‘Switch Spell (with EN, RO, SV, IT)”’ Aspell Dictionary Switcher plugin, part of the Plugin Pack, thanks to “Guifications team”
**[ Download], [ Mirror]
**if you have multiple Aspell dictionaries, you can switch between them and save one as default for a buddy
**you can download Aspell dictionaries from (although it’s not the latest version, 0.6 builds seem not to work with Pidgin)
**the Romanian dictionary doesn’t seem to be up-to-date with all the diacritics’ usage, but still
*“‘History “‘(included)
**show the last few lines of the previous chat session, when you start a new conversation
*“‘Psychic Mode”’ (included)
**shows the “buddy is typing” notification even if you don’t have a open conversation
**if you’re in a hurry, you can quickly get over the “hi-hi, how are you?” part
*“‘Extended Buddy List Sort”’ *“‘Show Offline”’ *“‘Music Info”’


*“‘Neat Protocols 0.1”’, thanks to me
**[ Download]
**it’s a personal collection of protocol icons, from many packs - includes [[wikipedia:Skype|Skype]], [[wikipedia:Tlen|Tlen]], [[wikipedia:Facebook|Facebook]] Chat, and a [[wikipedia:Google_Talk|Google Talk]] icon, if you want to replace the [[wikipedia:Jabber|Jabber]] one
**just grab the ZIP and extract them to your pixmaps/pidgin/protocols/ directory. Be aware of the fact that you will overwrite older ones - make a backup, if you wish!
*“‘Original Smileys”’, thanks to me
**since not everybody uses Pidgin, and since Pidgin is not a protocol, it’s nice/better to see exactly what your chatter sees in terms of smileys/emoticons
**includes graphics for [[wikipedia:Yahoo! Messenger|Yahoo!]], [[wikipedia:Windows_Live_Messenger|MSN/Windows Live Messenger]], [[wikipedia:Google_Talk|Google Talk]], [[wikipedia:AOL_Instant_Messenger|AOL Instant Messenger]], [[wikipedia:ICQ|ICQ]], [[wikipedia:Skype|Skype]], [[wikipedia:MySpaceIM|MySpaceIM]], [[wikipedia:Gadu-Gadu|Gadu-Gadu]], [[wikipedia:Tlen|Tlen]] and others
*“‘Guification Pidgin 2.0.0 Theme “v0.2””’, thanks to [ Octavian Bobocea] and me
**[ Download]
**very subtle, yet still showing the neat Pidgin logo, plus the status icon, the avatar, the name and the action
**I added the protocol icon, turning it into version 0.2
**[ read here how to install]

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