me, myself & andrei

29 Jan 2009
Do you want a room in Kista (Stockholm)?




I’m moving out. So there’s a place available in a shared room, in Kista (Science City).


  • Address: Ärvingevägen 14, 164 46 Kista
  • Rent: 1900 SEK monthly
  • Area: 25 sqm
  • Period: March 1st - 31st, or from March 31st onwards
  • Roommate: a girl
  • *Bathroom **with toilet and shower (all very new*)
  • Nice *kitchen **with stove, fridge/refrigerator (all very new*)
  • *Furnished **- bed, desk, chair,  lamp (all very new*)
  • Water and electricity included in the rent
  • Elevator
  • Internet already installed - 120 SEK monthly
    from Blixtvik - 100/10 Mbps speed
    (Speedtest says Download 30699 kb/s, Upload 11887 kb/s)
  • Nice view
  • New and always **clean **building
  • Miljöstation nearby
  • Very good wall insulation
  • It’s on the first floor
  • 10-15 minutes easy walk from
    Kista Galleria, KistaSubway station, Kista Buss station (with Arlanda Airport buss)
    and The IT University (KTH&SU campus)

**Maps **(zoom out in order to see where you are with respect to the Kista Torg/Galleria/Subway station):

  • on Eniro - in the center you have a black car with a white trailer. You’d see that below this flat’s window.
  • on Hitta - car route from Kista Subway to the dorms (takes 20 minutes by foot like this)

I’ll update with a bit more information by February 6th (photos, need of student to be KTH student, etc).

If you want some more info, contact me (Subject “Dorm Room”).