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31 Jan 2009
KTH (ICT) - Moodle, FirstClass, Daisy, Ladok..

In a previous post, I was writing how I’ve set up my wonderful collection of KTH E-mail addresses and how I managed to tame them.

What I didn’t mention is yet another wonderful collection of platforms that the IT university campus of KTH and SU has in place.

While the main campus of KTH, Karolinska Institute, Uppsala and others rely on the Swedish Ping-Pong VLE and the national grade tracking called Ladok, the IT campus uses:

  • Daisy - a home breeded software for grade tracking, class scheduling, student and personnel tracking, group/seminar division and others
  • FirstClass - a groupware software for communication and collaboration
  • Moodle - a modular software for Internet-based courses
  • Ladok - national grade tracking

And of course, you might have some extra logins, depending on the course needs (e.g. right now I’m taking Philosophy of Science and it requires all students to have an account on TurnItIn).

Although descriptions for Daisy and FirstClass do exist, the problem is that there was nobody to explain why, how, when, what for, etc. There was no Abstract. Imagine someone putting a baby into your arms and leaves. This was our 2008 induction. Thank you once again!

Well, not sure how well I can do it, but here it goes, trying to supply KTH’s lack of information:

  • Daisy or
    you will use it on a regular basis to</p>
    • Check registration for past, present and future courses
    • Check grades
    • Check schedule (or even export it to ICS and then Google Calendar and similar)
    • Pick a seminar/lab group
    • Book a group room to use for group meetings
    • Search for students or personnel in a specific department
    • Steal students’ emails and spam them for a good or shitty purpose
  • FirstClass
    desktop client (recommended) or
    you will use it on a regular basis to</p>
    • Quickly email a fellow student or course responsible
    • Check course notifications
    • Check course documentation (slides, extra material, etc)
    • Discuss with fellow students and course responsible
    • Send in reports and projects for evaluation
    • leverage group collaboration (workspaces can be created, to which you add members - forum, file sharing, etc)
  • Moodle
    you will use it now and then to</p>
    • Check course documentation (not all courses use it)
    • Check work breakdown structure by week of study
    • Discuss with fellow students and course responsible
  • Ladok -> Student Web -> My Pages
    you will use it to</p>
    • Check if your grades have been checked in the national system (if they are not there, then your cannot certify the course)
    • Get transcript of records
    • Get certification of credit registration (how many credits did you register for per semester)

Don’t know what else.. Maybe there are other ways to use these?!

But the bottom line is.. with these systems all in place, and used in way too many combinations by course responsibles, wouldn’t you feel like a guinea pig part of some sort of weird and badly managed experiment?

And we are supposed to be the world of tomorrow.. innovating, researching and improving how things work in the KTH ICT campus.. in the Kista Science City.. tsk, tsk, tsk..

I just get a breaze of Czech Dream, when I think of all this..