me, myself & andrei

01 Feb 2009
I bought a bicycle!

Taking advantage of  the unheard concept of night price (nättpris), which would translate into night-discounted-price, I went ahead and bought it.

Hack, the nice guy at Cykelringen Vasastan, even let me take a test drive around the block! :) Yuuhuuuu :)

It is quite a beauty I have to say. Very smooth, very stable, makes you feel safe.

I could have tried finding a second-hand one, but the price would have been almost the same. So.. why?

There was a contender though. A hybrid bike. But it was more expensive, and I would have had to add quite a bit for the transport (no shop available).

I can’t help but dream about the summer rides :) But the reality is harsh: I literally had to empty my wallet when I paid for it. All that was left, was then spent on an espresso over at Wayne’s Coffee.