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05 Feb 2009
Aliens first in the US, now in Sweden


A few days ago, I saw the above. Laughed, got sad, laughed some more :) It’s one of those things.. that you don’t really know how to react to. It’s funny. But then… it’s so true, that you cannot laugh. Yet it’s so funny that you cannot not laugh.

Well.. while that was broadcasted during the Super Bowl in the United States, what do you think is being broadcasted in Sweden?

Nothing less, nothing more than.. the same thing - minus the funny part, and minus the TV-commercial part.

TV 400 booth at Kista Galleria

TV 400 booth at Kista Galleria

A group of teenagers amazed my eyes early Tuesday morning, while passing through Kista Galleria. What were they doing? They were watching TV inside a locked store booth. No talking, interaction, no nothing. Just getting lost in a TV world, with a pack of Red Bull nearby (we definitely don’t want them to fall asleep! no, no! sleeping is bad, kids!).

What do you think they were doing several (8-9?!) hours later? Exactly the same, only that they were also getting food. Today, they (some other pityful kids) had numbered tags on them, and it seemed like they were being interviewed…

Why? -That’s how 400 (TV channel) wants to attract viewers.

Wtf?! - It makes one wonder if there will be any massive requests to subscribe to the channel. I mean.. really? Do you read anything else in this other than “Don’t you want to become a couch potato? Just look at them.. They are doing just fine. Nothing bad will happen to you”

Isn’t this just a bit surreal? They are simply laughing in the face of the little conscience that is left on this planet.. I’m apologizing if I seem so “over the crowd”. I’m not, but whatever crap I indulge myself, at least I’m slapping my hand now and then, and I certainly don’t advertise it.