me, myself & andrei

06 Feb 2009
Andrei died

With great sorrow, I’m letting you know that Andrei died today.

It happened while carrying his new bike from the Kista subway to his dorms. No bystander helped him carry it, although he was sweating like a pig and his left arm got numb.

Everyone just passed by, talking on their hands-free, in Swedish, Arabic, Russian and other languages.. Nobody asked. And nobody called 911 after the incident.

A cab driver and some immigrants bumped into him, and he was kind enough to let them know where the Kista Library was. On his way back, the cab driver noticed the big bike package, and Andrei flat on the watery snow.

Hard to believe..

Hopefully we all have at least one good memory of him,
his best friend

PS: all the characters and plot are real. Andrei was lucky enough to be resuscitated by a biking-dream and soon after by one hot Russian and one Hungarian girl, over some Belgian beers