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08 Feb 2009
Bringing back the snail mail

I’ve just posted this as a Facebook note

I know that email nowadays is the common thing to use. ~Everybody has an email address, and most of the times it’s the only thing you need.

I really wonder when they will start putting virtual postcards computers around malls, train stations, museums and so on (business idea, people?!). Right now, it’s not possible to do that.

even if it was, I don’t know if I want to send you a virtual postcard. I wanted and still want to send a normal postcard now and then. Or even a letter. Yes, I want to tell you in a few words how I feel, what I think and most importantly to ask you how you feel and what you think. Friends, relatives or merely pals.. doesn’t matter that much. I wanted at least once to send you a small thing, yet gave up due to the missing address.

consider putting your snail mail (regular post) address on Facebook - go to your profile - click INFO tab - click EDIT THIS INFORMATION - click CONTACT INFORMATION - write your address - click the LOCKER icon next to it - set it at least to ONLY FRIENDS - SAVE.
Or, if you have privacy concerns (that fans will stalk you or something), please send me a small message on Facebook, or a short email saying “This is my snail mail address, dear/annoying Andrei: … Happy now?”

I’m putting my faith in you!
Lots of stamps are waiting at Presbyrån offices around Sweden! :)

PS: I could only tag a few people in this note, but if you care to join the movement, please do :) I promise to send one postcard to each of you that shares her/his snail mail address
PPS: share this note with your people and bring back the small happy details that matter into our lives

Short updates
- snail mail = regular post
- leave a comment here if you update your Facebook contact information, so that I know who to send that postcard too :)