me, myself & andrei

09 Feb 2009
LSRS & a communication exercise

Recently I got a message asking me to join an organisation that promotes communication and knowledge sharing for Romanian students going or living abroad. Actually, that is what they want to do, because right now they just have an air-pumped website and structure.

Supposedly, it’s all a student push. Yet the feeling is that Romanian authorities are behind it, because it resembles the way they work: take an idea, fill it up with crap and nonsense, give it a name that nobody can relate to, build a website with a domain name that everybody will misspell, put all sorts of documentation in some places, and leave some sections naked just to show that you are working on it, and then start to send unsolicited emails to people asking them to go to this website, etc.

I expect content-creation and then just welcoming people. Advertise your creation on public domains - forums, people you know, other similar spaces, etc. But I guess this is the way I work and maybe that’s not what the world needs.

All in all, I made a small exercise of communication by replying to the same message in two ways (Romanian only). At least something good came out of it.

PS: I apologize to you English readers.. The content would just loose meaning if I start translating the PDF