me, myself & andrei

28 Feb 2009
Relationships in Knowledge Management

One of the courses that I’ve been taking in period 3, at KTH, is Knowledge Management. Lovely!

I’ll try to summarize my experience a bit later.

For the time being, I’m simply going to let you view my group’s outcome. We went for a recording, instead of a written report to summarize our research, life experience, comprehension, etc. of relationships in knowledge management :)

While this 20 minutes video meant quite some hours, we only had the morning to prepare :) I think having exactly 4-5 rehearsals for each sketch, and exactly before the recording did the trick. We were all in good spirits. At least I was, since I was laughing quite a lot during the recording :D

Thanks to a very nice team - we complemented each other quite nicely :)

Without further due, here’s the outcome: