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09 Mar 2009
Forget KM at KTH/SU

As an extra assignment for Knowledge Management, this term I’ve put together a campaign for the course.

We could’ve used video cameras and all, but in order to shoot and edit videos into a profi end-result, well… I feel that’s the higher arts.

Until one reaches that level, it’s easier to make lucky mistakes, or learn how to take good enough photos. If you then have a nice idea about the flow of photos, flow of the narrator’s speech.. then you can have a profi-looking video even if uses only still shots.

Now I’m not saying that my videos look very professional, but at least they don’t look cheesy or not-cared-for :)

My idea behind them is like this. The first 3 promos are more or less part of one concept: students thinking of taking a course usually want to know their professor beforehand. So they are based on 30 seconds audio recordings of Harald Kjellin, talking about knowledge.

And what else? :) Yup, students would like to know previous year’s students. So the 5th is actually with me talking about tacit knowledge, in very very simplistic terms. There should have been a follow-up on the need to formalize into explicit knowledge, but there was no time left.

The 4th and the 6th are basically showing descriptions of knowledge and knowledge management.

My favorites - 1st and 6th :) Let me know about yours! Enjoy!

Oh, and if you have promotional jobs, now you know who to call ;)

PS: John Jensen had a very nice teaser as well. You can watch his and others’ videos at


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