me, myself & andrei

14 Mar 2009
Vill någon röka?

Today I had my last exam for the 3rd term at KTH (maybe I’ll sit the re-exam). But in the middle of it, I kind of caught on fire.

Every exam it’s the same thing - someone comes and asks “Vill någon röka?” (Swedish for “Anyone wants to smoke?”)

This brings me to my wit’s end. I mean.. pissing, pooping, drinking, whatever. Basic human needs! Totally understandable! You just cannot sit an exam while you try not to poo. Or girls not to pee. Or not to be allowed to refill our 55%+ composition.

So you need to go poo? Fine! Sign here for leaving the room, go poo, come back, sign here for entering the room once again.
You need to drink? Of course! Just bring a bottle and slurp it during the exam.


What? You can’t stay away from smoking for 4 hours? 4 hours for crying out loud!!!
If you cannot live for 4 hours without smoking, then just go shoot yourself. If you’re that needy of nicotine, you are on your way to extinction anyway. What? Did corporations become lunatics by introducing a bonus payment if you go regularly to the gym, if don’t smoke, etc?!

At least use nicotine patches or try snus, but at least have some freakin’ restraining. It’s a maximum of 32 hours  (8 exams x 4 hours) per year!

And restraining means both sides - the smoker to keep away for 4 hours, and the administration not to come invite people to smoke.

Seriously.. are we that stupid?
“We” are “fighting” the phenomenon by increased prices, terrifying images on the packs, special cubicles for smokers, whatever.. but we cannot be strict about smoking during an exam? I have nothing against smoking during breaks, in a special area, God forbid! But if it’s that bad that you cannot hold your pants for 4 hours, you should get treated!

Maybe I’m wrong, but I mean… should I go to Netherlands, and expect in the middle of an exam to have someone tell me “Do you feel like having some grass now?”

I understand very well that maybe it’s not a human need, but a good stress reliever for some. But on that line of reasoning, let’s have a brothel! What’s stopping us?