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24 Apr 2009
KTH - the come back

Long time, no see, readers!

Hmm.. lots of stuff happened, mostly good.. or good where it was vital, and then bad where it wasn’t vital :)

This post is quite short, but it’s a milestone :) I’ve kept my mouth shut for a variety of reasons, but I hit rock bottom. “Lucky” KTH!

How I hit rock bottom? In a very calm way I found out how KTH Accommodation states that you need to pay 350 EUR as a deposit, and that you will get back 350 EUR minus a 50 EUR fee. Funny thing is that EUR seems to change to SEK, or stay EUR as they feel like.

So.. my 300 EUR deposit suddenly changed into SEK, at an exchange rate of 1€ = 9.3 SEK as of May 23rd, 2008.

On April 23rd, 2009, the rate was 1€ = 10.91 SEK. What does that say?! Merely that 300 EUR can become 250 EUR!

I guess they do not know the exact meaning of “what goes around, comes around”..

Well, let’s teach them a bit about that. Although, to be honest, I’m putting more faith into people looking up to KTH to learn something, rather than expecting KTH to learn anything.