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28 Apr 2009
Start Skype logged on as invisible

skype-invisibleFor a long time (since 2005) there’s a call to run Skype and login as invisible.

Well, wait no more. Here’s my solution (the only solution?!).

  1. Download ****this** and extract** the ZIP to %programfiles%SkypePhone
  2. Edit skype.vbs in Notepad and write your Skype name. It is needed because Skype retains a database for each user.
  3. Double-click skype.vbs and you should have Skype running and logging you as invisible (it also clears the status/mood message)
  4. Create a shortcut to skype.vbs on your Desktop to always run Skype as invisible

Tested with Skype 4.0 on Vista.

Looking forward to hearing your comments & suggestions!

UPDATE 2009-05-01 - Fixes