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07 May 2009
Why we are doomed?...

Well, you always have different levels of quality, but what do you do when you read everywhere that the Pirate Bay people are going behind bars, when they were only convicted and they plan to appeal and so on, which would take at least 5 years before they actually would have no other way but to go behind bars..

And even more disgraceful.. what do you do when you start reading in CNET that after the IPRED law went live, Internet traffic dropped 30-50% ?!

While the truth is this:

Swedish Internet traffic - April 2008-2009

Swedish Internet traffic - April 2008-2009

Translation: the above graphic, which shows the Internet traffic in Sweden through Netnod, the major node for traffic exchange between operators, went up before the IPRED went live, and then came down to normal levels afterwards. Which is quite normal since most surely Swedes have started to download like hell when they heard that after April 1st 2009 it can turn out bad for some, and they continued to do so until the law went live. Do you want to try that with any other “vice”? If the tabaco industry wants a quick boost, just go live with law that banns any tabaco in 6 months :D

Seriously, how low can you go? Did we like reach the peek and now we are on the other side of the hill, reaching for the green grass lawn? Hell! I’m looking forward for the rebirth of the hippie period then :)