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15 Jul 2009
Counting Weeks at KTH

As an international student in Sweden, the first time you see your schedule you will hit a wall. Instead of date, people around here use week numbers. “So.. during week 25 we will.. and then week 27 will be for..

Current Week

Current Week

In order to keep yourself on top of the situation, my suggestion is to install a Firefox extension (I’m assuming you are using Firefox already :p ). The Current Week extension was, without any surprise, developed by a Swede that goes by name of Kristoffer Forsgren. It won’t do anything more or less than tell you the current week’s number, and you can thus use it as a reference when checking when your report is due, or any other deadline that had no present-time reference in the mouth of the teachers.

Week 30?!? When is that? Ah!.. this is week 29. Next week then..

UPDATE: this is very very useful also for those that have the schedule made up by the odd-and-even-weeks system. Thanks, Mengxi ;)