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19 Jul 2009
Biking from Pax/Strix/V:a Skogen to KTH

Here are my biking paths from the Pax(/Strix) dormitory in Västra Skogen to the Kista campus of KTH/SU and the Valhallvägen campus of KTH.

The problematic one was the path to Kista. I’ve been really trying to get the shortest one and it’s not really easy, since there is a construction site near Kista, which makes it all a bit weird. But the forest before the construction site makes it all worth it - a brilliant natural roller-coaster :)

So, any better paths? :)

Biking path Västra Skogen to Valhallavägen
The path (white line) is 3.2mi or 5.1km long and it takes 15 minutes. It’s either gravel or tarmac so it should go smooth all the way.

Biking path Västra Skogen to Kista
The final path (white line) is 5.7mi or 9.2km long and it takes 30-35 minutes to go on it. Since one needs to go through the some open areas of the forest, it is not really nice during rainy days. I’d suggest taking the green line in that case.