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31 Aug 2009
KTH.ICT SU.DSV Pre-reading

==KTH (General)==
===KTH Handbook for Master’s Students===

"”In the handbook, which is distributed to all admitted Master’s students, you will find useful information about preparations before arrival, service at KTH, Stockholm and Sweden.”” says [ KTH].

Indeed, you will find new things on Swedish culture, services, health issues, and on your status of an international student at KTH.

*[!handbook0910%28master%29webb.pdf Download the 2009 version (PDF)] [ Hosting webpage]

===THS Guide for the newly arrived===

KTH’s student union (THS) introduced itself a guide for the newly arrived international students.

"”This guide is thought to help you find things you need outside school. We know you are swamped with information when you come to KTH but we hope you find this information useful. This is put together by the ISS, International student service, at the student union at KTH. This is why you will not find any information about insurance, banking etc as that is already given in the Handbook for exchange/master’s students provided by KTH. There are many links in the text where you will find more information. Many websites might unfortunately be only in Swedish but some things are maybe easy to understand anyway. ISS also takes this opportunity to thank the equivalent of ISS at Stockholm University for letting us use a lot of their information.””

*[ Download the 2009 version (DOC)] [ Hosting webpage]
*[ Download the 2008 version (PDF)] [ Hosting webpage]

===Induction Activities===

Both KTH and THS organize welcoming/induction activities. Most of the activities are focused on and take place at the main campus (Valhallavägen).

I personally suggest that you attend the Information on civic issues, Intercultural Communication, Student activity fair and the Welcome address. As for the THS activities, try out the Osqvik party and the archipelago boat trip. Skip the tours and meals.

*[!IK%20program%20Master%20students.doc Download the 2009 version - KTH Induction Weeks (DOC)] [ Hosting webpage]
*[ Download the 2009 version - THS Welcome activities (PDF)] [ Hosting webpage]

==KTH+SU=DSV (Kista)==

Almost like a warning, I need to let you know that your university’s website is not [] nor [ (], but “‘[]”’. Or most commonly referred as “‘[]”’ since the website is managed (or was only started, not sure) by Stockholm University people. As you will notice the KTH domain only mirrors the SU domain (partially; some subdomains are not in place). It will be your personal choice whether to go with prestige and personality (KTH) or with reality and a bit of confusion (SU). I’m saying that because most certainly in the first few weeks you will be confused about your status as a KTH student: ““Why is everyone mentioning SU? I’m KTH!”” To aid that confusion, you will be also confronted with the term DSV (Data och Systemvetenskap) which is translated to Computer and Systems Sciences. I have personally associated that term with the IT University, being a generic term for both KTH’s and SU’s DSV/ICT department that lives on the Kista Campus.

For consistency, I will only mention the domain in these articles.

Having said that, at you will find some information about the enrollment, the welcome address, the regulations and the courses at DSV.

Following that, there are two sections which will be most useful to new students - [ Student] and [ Internal > Computer Facilities]. These two sections are at the basis of my writings, along with a document that is entitled “Welcome to DSV” ([ HT2009 version]) that tries to cover most of the DSV-related information.


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