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03 Sep 2009
KTH.ICT SU.DSV Must Know (General)


There’s a respect towards the others and then there’s the respect towards yourself. Nevertheless, they should blend perfectly.

That is why I am telling you all to be punctual.
Most lectures are not compulsory, so if you don’t respect yourself that much to take enough time to come to school in time, at least respect yourself not to take part in a lecture that makes little sense after loosing its first 15, 30,… minutes. And also please respect the others that came on time and would like not to be distracted for nothing. The same goes for the respect that you have for the lecturer.

I suggest that new student should pretend their classes start 15 minutes earlier, because it will take them more time to find the Forum and the specific classroom. It is also nice to be there earlier, as you will want to socialize a bit before the class starts.

If you are actually late, although it is considered rude and inappropriate (think about it!), you can join the others only by
*taking off your coat before going into the room
*not saying hello to the lecturer who is actually in the middle of his speech
*taking the very first seat available, and not that seat that is in the center of the lecture hall and thus make half of a row make room for you, or similar
*not starting to say hello to all of your friends near you or across the hall

Concerning the time spent in the lecture hall, please:
*turn off your mobile phone
*do not take calls, no matter how low your voice is - if it’s not a 100% silent voice, then it’s not ok
*do not take useless calls and thus get people to make room for you and such because you need to go out of the classroom
*do not startup your computer and have the [ Windows tada] or your Skype login sound, etc disrupting everyone
*do not burp or slurp your drink
*do not open up your laptop only to start messenger conversations or play games or check Facebook - it will only disturb the others, and you are not gaining anything out of it since professors do not grade you by presence statistics

Do not expect to be told that what you did is wrong/rude/inappropriate. You’re supposed to be sensitive enough to figure it out on your own. Swedes primarily will not tell you, even if they might get sensitive or red-faced. If they do tell you something, then you have definitely crossed the line.


==Food & Drinks==

First of all you should know that you are not allowed to have any food or drink in any of the computer rooms.

The Forum has special locations where you can enjoy your snack or meal.

On the 4th and the 5th floor there are two kitchens equipped with a microwave oven and a refrigerator. Near them you have tables and chairs where you can enjoy your snack or meal.

Next to the kitchen on the 4th floor, there’s a small coffee shop that has remarkably low prices (ran by SU Student Union). Otherwise you can always go to the nice coffee shop in front of the Helpdesk. They both have a wide variety of drinks and snacks.

On the 4th floor there’s also [ two student pubs], one SU called foobar and one KTH, and on the 5th floor there’s a restaurant with decent prices (see [ menu]). And if you have time, you can also go to the FoodCourt in Kista Galleria, where you can choose from a variety of dishes (~60-100 kr).

It goes without saying that it is ok to bring a coffee mug or some chocolate to keep you up and running during lectures. Nevertheless that does not mean that you are supposed to have your lunch in lecture halls or classrooms. And when you have a sip of coffee during the lecture do not slurp. It might come as common sense, but some people’s common sense says that whatever is natural is very ok (slurping, burping, etc). Not a joke, but raw reality!

==Floors & Rooms & Elevators==

Forum’s floor may seem illogical. The floor with the main entrance is actually the 4th Floor. Bellow there are some offices and the parking lot.

Room numbers will always have their first digit given by the floor. So on the 6th floor, you will only find rooms starting with the digit 6. This makes it quite easy to find a room.

There are three elevators in the Forum, marked A, B and C. Elevator C is the one that should give you access to all floors, when needed. The rest might or might not depending the time of the day, since either they won’t accept your requested floor (not even after you swipe the KTH Access Card) either you will end up on the floor, but the security doors on that floor will not allow you to pass.

That is why most of the offices of student interest are referenced by elevator as well (other than floor and room number).


*”‘(KTH ICT) Helpdesk”’ **Located at the main entrance of the Forum
**Will help you to get your KTH Account, get your transcripts of records etc.
**If you forget something, ask at the SU Student Union/Helpdesk/coffee shop. The same way, if you find something that someone lost, please do a good deed and bring it to the Student Union.

*“‘Student center”’ (Studentexpeditionen)
**Located at the main entrance of the Forum, in between the Helpdesk and the library
**That is the regular way to meet your programme coordinator
**Always take a queue number and wait your turn
**Respect open hours

*“‘Coordinator”’ **Your coordinator has an office on the 7th floor
**You can find the office room number at
**If your issue is a regular one, and you need to talk in person with the coordinator, use the Student center facilities and not his/her office
**Otherwise, send an Email to []
**Or if you need to leave some documents, there should be a postbox outside his/her office room
**Remember that your coordinator deals with Student counseling, Certificates, Course selection, Course enrollment, Interruption of studies, Degree, etc. but not with issues regarding the content of the programme.

*“‘DMC (DSV Account) Helpdesk”’ **Located on the 6th floor, room 6366; use elevator B
**[ Contact them] regarding any problems with the DSV technical facilities or your DSV account

*“‘Teachers”’ **They have their office on the 6th floor
**You can find the office room number at

*“‘SU Student Union (StudentkÃ¥r)”’ **Located near the coffee shop at the main entrance
**That office is for the SU Student Union. KTH has only one Student Union office at Nymble, Valhallavägen Main Campus
**If you forget something, ask at the SU Student Union/Helpdesk/coffee shop. The same way, if you find something that someone lost, please do a good deed and bring it to the Student Union.

*“‘KTH Chapter of Information and Nano Technology (IN-sektionen)”’ **[ Located on the 4th floor, room 432]


==Lost & Found==
If you forget something, ask at the SU Student Union/Helpdesk/coffee shop. The same way, if you find something that someone lost, please do a good deed and bring it to the Student Union.

Student Union usually posts on [ FirstClass -> DSV Fritt Forum -> Upphittat] about found items.


Most or by now all Swedish universities work with [ ECTS]. That is why courses have become easily replaceable.

Within this system which assigns a number of credits to each course, based on the amount of work that it requests from the student, a student must complete courses that add up to at least 30 credits per semester for a full-time academic semester, or 60 credits for full-time academic year. The distribution to semester/periods may vary.

The academic year is split in 4 periods in Sweden, and courses usually take 1 period and credited with 7.5 points, but exceptions do occur. That is why you will rarely hear people talking about semesters or terms. Most will talk about period 1, 2, 3 or 4.

You will also rarely hear people talking about specific dates. Instead they will talk about week numbers in order to give you a timeline for a project or exam for instance.

Inside each programme there are some compulsory courses and some electives that you can choose from. The compulsory courses cannot be skipped unless you have already taken that course or similar beforehand. Some programmes have tracks as they are called. That is to say, once you have chosen a track within the programme, you must complete a number of credits by taking electives within that track before any others. Some programmes might not have this track system, and therefore all electives have the same priority.

Based on your goals, on your previous grades and on the assessment of your programme coordinator, you can choose courses given by the university that have not been marked as electives for your programme. Decisions are taken on an individual basis.

==Grading & Exams==

The grading system comes from [ ECTS]. That is you can be given A (highest) to E (lowest), Fx (when you need to do something more in order to get a final E) or F (failed).

That is the clear part. Beyond that, grading can take different forms in terms of assessment, open/closed-book exams, bonus points, etc.

One thing that you should know is that at KTH you can re-take an exam as many times as you want, no matter if you failed the previous one(s) or if you just want to improve your grade. My policy is to never re-take an exam if there were no out of the ordinary influencers. Why? Because grades mark a moment in time, and not necessarily the long-term knowledge nor my acquired skills.

Within SU, you can only re-take an exam if you failed. That is much closer to my view, I must say.

One thing that you need to remember is that you need to register for exams through [[KTH.ICT_SU.DSV_Must_Know_(IT)#Using_Daisy Daisy]] beforehand. You will then be allocated a seat and a room. If you do not do this, you might not be able to sit the exam since maybe there won’t be enough spare seats for those of you that didn’t register.

If you want to read more, you can do so on my blog. I have written quite extensive articles concerning [ the grading] and [ the education] in Sweden.

==Care/Medical Attention==

If you have study-related issues like depression, fatigue, etc. then you should go to the Student Care, located at the Valhallavägen Main Campus. They are trained especially for this.

Otherwise, if you have medical issues, like sickness or injuries, then you should reach the nearest VÃ¥rdcentral where a general practitioner will consult you and maybe prescribe some medicine for a small fee. The nearest one to the Kista Campus is in Kista Galleria. Mind that you need to have a personnummer before you go to VÃ¥rdcentral.


KTH Security guards can be contacted via phone number 08-16 42 00. Call them if people misbehave or if you suspect a break-in. In the case of emergency, call 112.

Head of security at the ICT-school is Leif Kahlbom, who can be contacted via

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