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22 Sep 2009
KTH/DSV New IPv6 Wireless

For some reason, KTH/DSV awakened and decided to improve their access points over the summer. In doing so, they went from 3 network SSIDs (eduroam, KTHOPEN-WPA and KTHOPEN) to… yes, 4 network SSIDs (eduroam, KTHOPEN-WPA, KTHOPEN and KTHOPEN-OLD). Wow! Now that’s an improvement. Anyways…

One thing that I’ve noticed only now (and I guess it’s due to their changes; maybe IPv6 ) is that now my Vista can connect to multiple access points. I’m being ironic, since it could do it before as well, but now I _see_ it. Vista’s Network Identification thinks that I’m connected to multiple networks -  same SSID but different gateway MAC address. That’s why you get prompted to choose your network profile (Home/Work/Public) so many times, and then you can also see that you are connected to 11+ networks.

My fix was to disable IPv6 support for my Wireless connection. For current times it’s useless anyway. Read here how to do it yourself.