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09 Oct 2009

Please read [ your responsibilities regarding your usage of the KTH ICT facilities] and [ of the DSV facilities].

==Computer & Internet Access==

There are different computer rooms in the Forum building, all of them prepared to run a Windows or a Linux terminal.
All of them have security doors, so bring your KTH Access Card and know your PIN.

Your accounts are hosted on a server, so logging in might take a while. Be patient.

Mind that the computer rooms prioritize those students that have labs. Therefore you might be kindly asked to step out of the room at times, because some computers or the entire computer room is booked for students having classes.

With that in mind, please respect other people’s work and thus do not distract their attention by loud noises or anything else.

Please do not use the Library computer for private use. They are only for searching literature and articles, not for reading Emails.

If you want to access your Windows account remotely (from home, or from your laptop) you can do so through [ RDP].

*RDP Clients (recommended)
**Windows: Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection (Preinstalled on Vista; [ XP SP2])
**Mac: [ Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection for Mac]
**Linux: [ rDesktop]
*Credentials: [[KTH.ICT_SU.DSV_Must_Have#DSV_Account|DSV Account]]
*Read more:

If you want to use your laptop, you are more than welcome to do so in a group room, a silent room or in a specialized wireless room. A silent room means exactly that - that you are supposed to keep silent and work on your computer, or else step out. Computer room 402 on the 4th floor, room 5446 on the 5th floor and the group work corridor on the 6th floor are specialized wireless rooms. All rooms also have LAN wired outlets, so you can connect through [ Cat5 cable].

===Wireless Access===

Please read the rules of using [ KTH Wireless networks].

Or if you don’t, at least keep in mind that [ you cannot use BitTorrent no matter how legal stuff you download].

When checking the available Wireless networks on campus, you will see 3: KTHOPEN, KTHOPEN-WPA and EDUROAM. The second one will soon be merged into EDUROAM.

KTHOPEN is an unsecured network, and will require you to login with your KTH Account every time you connect to the network.

The other two are secured with WPA2. The username and password are not the same with your KTH or DSV account.

Theoretically you’ve got two options.

One is to
*go to
*login with your KTH Account and generate/show your password (network secret)
*follow the instructions on to set up the connection
*login with and your network secret

The other one is to
*go to
*login with your DSV Account and generate/show your password (network secret)
*follow the instructions on to set up the connection
*login with and your network secret


==Using Daisy==

___ [[KTH.ICT_SU.DSV_Must_Have#DSV_Account Password]]


___ Booking Group Rooms

___ Choosing Groups

___ Register for exams

___ Search for people; upload photo ; update contact


==Using FirstClass==

___ [[KTH.ICT_SU.DSV_Must_Have#DSV_Account Password]]


___ fallback for people-contact search

___ quota

___ send messages/attachments to people or conferences/threads/folders

___ programme announcement conference

___ desktop

___ forward private messages


==Printing & Scanning & Photocopying==

On each floor there is at least one printer that can be used by DSV students. They are given names:
*4th floor - Blyger and Toker
*5th floor - Sushi
*6th floor - Glader says that they are all set to print in duplex mode (double-sided; front and back). Keep it like that unless you really need to print only on one side. You’ll be a bit more eco-friendly.

All your print-outs will have a separation sheet with your username so that you can identify your stack. says that each term (2 periods) you are given 400 print-outs free of charge. Afterwards you must charge your printing credit. You can check your current printing credit at - login with your username/KTH-ID and PIN code!

You can print from the computer rooms nearby the printers, or straight from your laptop. What you need to do is to set your WINS server to and for the Wireless connection to and then (re-)connect to one of the KTH Wireless networks. You will then be able to connect/add the printers as they are all connected to a terminal called donald. Thus Sushi will become accessible at \donaldsushi. says that there is a scanner in room 503.

You have a copy machine at the library and one near Sal C/B, by the printers there, but you will first need to buy a card from the Helpdesk (or the library’s information desk?!).

Whatever goes wrong, contact the DMC Helpdesk right away.

KTH students without DSV accounts should read .

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