me, myself & andrei

14 Oct 2009
Clover :)

A small update on the project to integrate academic information systems and bring them to your student mobile, and create a community around it.

For starters, apparently Gaia came with Clover as a name (a four-leaf clover since the team is made up by 4 people, and since that is a symbol of good luck), and that was in line with my thought to name it after a flower, since the previous project developed by KTH students for KTH (a project that is being used even today) is called Daisy :) The roots of that, we don’t know. At first, we thought that we will each come up with a name, and then during one week we will use that as a reference to our project and see if it sticks, but.. I guess Clover works just fine since there was no other proposal :) [this is not the project leader speaking, because this might seem like a decision, but actually we didn’t take the final decision to name it Clover]

Secondly, I would like to have a “in your face!” update :) and let all those doubting the mere data extraction from our DSV systems that… we are now already able to extract courses, events and messages, properly I might add, from 4 systems: Daisy,, TimeEdit and FirstClass. Coming up next will be extracting people (Daisy), registered courses (Daisy, Ladok) and academic emails. So I can already tell you that the basic functionality of integrating systems seems very feasible, and not ambitious :D [to give you a timeline, we have yet another two weeks to put the data extraction together]

PS: a small bonus update is that the data extraction process can extract messages from all sub-conferences (all sub-levels) of a conference :) people taking the “Project Management of IT Systems” know what I’m hinting at :p