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10 Nov 2010
Trac on Dreamhost

Of course, you can read a lot about it on

Trac, the open-source project management and bug-tracking system, is now a one-click install on Dreamhost, after a big struggle with installation scripts.

What you cannot read on the wiki, is this:

  • change the date & time format by doing the following
    • look into folder for index.fcgi
    • edit the file, and add LC_TIME=”sv_SE”;export LC_TIME after the first line
    • sv_SE is the locale identifier - you can see what locales you have available (Dreamhost has quite many) by typing “locale -a” in your SSH terminal
  • change from sqlite (file) database to MySQL by doing the following
    • create [your-trac-schema] in your Dreamhost panel
    • look into []/conf folder for trac.ini
    • edit the file and look for database=sqlite:db/trac.db and change it to database=mysql://[username]:[password]@[]/[your-trac-schema]
  • use the same users and passwords that allow access to your linked SVN, by doing the following
    • look into [] folder for .htaccess
    • edit it, and prepend these lines
      • AuthType Basic
        AuthName “Trac”
        AuthUserFile /home/[your-username]/svn/[your-svn-project].passwd
        Require valid-user
  • items between [] need to be changed with your information