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18 Nov 2010
Pidgin and MSN (certificate error for

UPDATE 2010-11-21 (the final solution for me)

  1. Download these two files: PEM#1 and PEM#2 (part of UPDATE 2010-11-19 #2),
    and rename them to
    “Microsoft_Secure_Server_Authority_2010.pem” and
  2. Copy the above to files to “C:Program FilesPidginca-certs” on Windows,
    or “/usr/share/purple/ca-certs/” on Linux
    NB! folder location may vary
  3. Download another file (part of UPDATE 2010-11-19 #1)
    and rename it to
  4. Copy the last file to “%APPDATA%.purple” on Windows
    or “~/.purple” on Linux
    NB! folder location may vary
  5. Now re-enable your MSN account, or just quit and restart Pidgin altogether.

UPDATE 2010-11-19 #2 (not tested personally, but it’s the solution that has been uploaded for Pidgin’s next update)
Download two certificate files (no1 and no2) and copy them this time into your Pidgin installation folder, under “ca-certs” (probably “C:Program FilesPidginca-certs” on Windows, or /usr/share/purple/ca-certs/ on Linux).

**UPDATE 2010-11-19 #1
**Seems like Microsoft changed the SSL certificate again… Or I don’t know, but the situation looks more like there’s a different SSL certificate depending on the connection?! I uploaded a second one that people can try. At this moment, I use one certificate on one computer, and the second certificate on another computer (another Internet connection). You can thus try with the 2nd certificate.


This morning, people started to have problems with Pidgin and their MSN accounts.

Apparently, Microsoft changed something (i.e. SSL certificate) on their servers.

PS: to put minds at rest, the SSL certificate is taken from . If you have the knowledge, you can download it yourself there, and follow the rest of the steps.