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02 Jun 2011
Facebook - what did I gain? Consumer vs producer

Pre Scriptum: If you want to skip reading this post, click here and ponder about the message. Or continue reading ;)

Hey Andrei,

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The Facebook Team

This is the email I received on 2007-12-10. I guess I was bored and lonely in December :)

Anyways, I’m writing this post after reading that more than 96% of Americans under 50 are on Facebook. Moreover, you have 70% going there daily.

Immediately after I think: what did I gain? I did connect with some people and I appreciate that, although I ended up creating a list of ~20 people that I follow, and which also can see all of my shares. The rest of the “friends”, are just contacts really. Ready to be imported and slow down my Android. My TweetDeck is already not showing my Facebook feed, just Facebook notifications.

I started to move more and more to Twitter, as an online newspaper, rather than sticking to the social newspaper (i.e. Facebook). And even there I started to create lists, and limit what I follow.

(Small clarification. As of now, given my usage, I look at Facebook and LinkedIn as social networks, although I contest the benefits of Facebook even in this category, and Twitter as a social media channel. Wrong perspective? Amateur perspective?)

In the past, media didn’t cover so much (obvious reasons). Today it covers ~everything. Should I follow everything? If you think it’s possible, just take a look at the numbers

We moved away from newspapers and magazines to online media, and then to social media, for what exactly? Or why? I’m guessing it’s an acknowledgement issue, as well as a speed+quality issue. Online media is indeed faster, and offline media maybe, but often isn’t up to the readers’ “standards”. But moreover, I guess it’s the lack of the ability to acknowledge that we do need “journalists”. We do need people to filter out in the best way possible the noise from what is or could be important, from what could make a difference in the future. If we ignore those filters, we’ll just become consumers. Consumers of other people’s thoughts, people that actually have the ability to follow just 10 (random number) social media accounts.

Producing real goods, rather than just thoughts, should be encouraged. Instead “we” (don’t blame it on “them”!) encourage people to follow other people, and tweet and re-tweet. 140 characters, links, photos. Multi-task (i.e. pretend that you do “stuff”) is the new common sense, rather than take a small thought, transform it in an idea, see what are the possibilities of realizing that idea, gather others around it, implement it, move on. Many of us will die having “@user had 1 billion followers, and followed 4 billion. Please RT!”, and only a few will die having “I had one dream, I made it real. I’m now in peace!”

Take some moments and uni-task and go through this

And then take some more moments and enjoy someone’s dream (I’m watching it while writing this)
It will give you a boost and possibly put you back on track. Or at least make you think. It does all that to me, at least :)

As always, welcome to give some good feedback below! Challenge my 2 penny!